Thoracic Tumors

Thoracic disease is the tumor of chest and lungs locale. The Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology treats lung tumor  non-little cell lung growth, little cell lung malignancy, and mesothelioma and different diseases of organs inside the chest. Delicate tissue chest divider tumors frequently show as a restricted mass without different manifestations. Numerous chest divider tumors are identified unexpectedly on imaging examines improved the situation other clinical reason. A few patients have fever. Patients for the most part don't have torment until the point that the tumors is progressed. Conversely, essential cartilaginous and bone tumors are regularly agonizing.
Video-helped thoracic medical procedure (VATS) is a negligibly obtrusive method, amid which your Med Star Health specialist divider to treat a tumor. It is performed when the tumor originates from the chest divider or when a looks at the pleural space. While the patient is under general anesthesia, your specialist will utilize a thoracoscope, embedded through two little entry points. Your specialist may evacuate the liquid and look at it for potential malignancies and different conditions. Contingent upon your thoracic malignancy condition, your specialist may utilize this system in evacuating a part of the lung.

  • Making a Difference for patients with thoracic and lung cancer
  • Causes for lung cancer
  • Risk factors for lung cancer
  • Signs and symptoms for lung cancer
  • Diagnosis for lung cancer
  • Prevention for lung cancer

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