Emphysema is a long haul, dynamic malady of the lungs that fundamentally causes shortness of breath due to over-swelling of the alveoli (air sacs in the lung). In individuals with emphysema, the lung tissue associated with trade of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) is disabled or crushed. Emphysema is incorporated into a gathering of sicknesses called endless obstructive aspiratory illness or COPD (pneumonic alludes to the lungs).

Cigarette smoking is by a wide margin the most hazardous conduct that makes individuals create emphysema, and it is likewise the most preventable reason. Other hazard factors incorporate a lack of a catalyst called alpha-1-antitrypsin, air contamination, aviation route reactivity, heredity, male sex, and age. Shortness of breath is the most widely recognized side effect of emphysema. Hack, at times caused by the generation of bodily fluid, and wheezing may likewise be side effects of emphysema.


  • What is emphysema and the stages of emphysema
  • Causes and risk factors for emphysema
  • Signs and symptoms of emphysema
  • Diagnosis and treatment for emphysema
  • Prevention of Emphysema
  • Complication for Emphysema
  • Rick factor for Emphysema
  • Emphysema medications and Surgery for emphysema

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