Lung Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment

Screening: Technological progressions in the early identification of lung growth have enhanced lung tumor screening essentially. Most as of late an extensive clinical trial, called the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), affirmed that screening people at high hazard for lung growth with a yearly low-measurements CT (LDCT) sweep of the chest spares lives. The clinical trial, supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), found that LDCT lung growth screening can bring down the danger of death by 20%in high-hazard people.

Diagnosis: Though trial of bodily fluid or lung liquid may uncover completely created disease cells, finding is normally affirmed through a biopsy. Utilizing bronchoscopy, the patient daintily anesthetized, the specialist controls a thin, lit tube through the nose or mouth and down the air entries to the site of the tumor, where a little tissue test can be expelled. Another technique utilizes a CT sweep to direct a needle into a variation from the norm with a specific end goal to take a biopsy. On the off chance that the biopsy affirms tumor, different tests will decide the sort of growth and how far it has spread.


  • Types of lung cancer
  • Tests to diagnose lung cancer
  • Tests to determine the extent of the cancer
  • Advanced Imaging and Diagnostic Tests for Lung Cancer
  • Low-Dose CT Scan for Lung Cancer Screening
  • How LDCT Lung Cancer Screening Works
  • Risk factors and Complications for lung cancer
  • Treatments and Medications for lung cancer

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