Pneumonia is a disease that excites the air sacs in one or the two lungs. The air sacs may load with liquid or discharge (purulent material), causing hack with mucus or discharge, fever, chills, and trouble relaxing. An assortment of life forms, including microbes, infections and organisms, can cause pneumonia. Pneumonia can run in earnestness from mellow to hazardous. It is most genuine for newborn children and youthful kids, individuals more established than age 65, and individuals with medical issues or debilitated resistant frameworks.

Pneumonia is a disease in either of the lungs. Numerous germs, for example, microbes, infections, and growths, can cause pneumonia. You can likewise get pneumonia by breathing in a fluid or substance. Individuals most in danger are more established than 65 or more youthful than 2 years old, or as of now have medical issues. Pneumonia is generally caused by contamination with infections or microbes and less ordinarily by different microorganisms, certain solutions and conditions, for example, immune system ailments. The five primary driver of pneumonia, extra indications and hazard factors that expansion your odds of getting pneumonia.


  • What is pneumonia and different types of pneumonia
  • Is pneumonia contagious?
  • What is the contagious period for pneumonia?
  • Causes and risk factors for pneumonia
  • Diagnosis tests for pneumonia
  • Treatment for pneumonia

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