Pakistan Allergy Asthma and Immunology Society PAAIS was established in 2003 in Islamabad. The main aim of society is to create awareness about allergic and immune diseases in general public and in medical professionals.

30-40% of population of the world is suffering from allergic diseases while there is lack of awareness in general public. Lack of awareness can lead to serious complications. PAAIS and ALLERGY ASTHMA CENTRE Islamabad is creating awareness by organizing FREE ALLERGY CAMPS in different cities of the country and plan to organize in other countries of the region with collaboration of local or international allergy societies. We also create awareness in general public through digital media like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We have Online training videos which can be visited by the patients to learn basic training in use of inhalers, nasal sprays and SLIT drops or Tablets etc on YouTube (allergycentre tv).

Training of the medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment of allergic and immune diseases with the latest guidelines recommended by WAO by organizing ALLERGY SCHOOLS in different cities of Pakistan and in other countries of the region with the collaboration of local Allergy and Immunology Societies and Conference Organizing associations. These Allergy Schools have comprehensive program with scientific sessions and hands on training workshops on ALLERGY SKIN PRICK TESTS, PATCH TESTING, IMMUNOTHERAPY, ANAPHYLAXIS and BIOLOGICALS in treatment of allergic and Immune diseases.,,